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Facebook Application - Where I've Been

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Facebook has an application called Where I've Been. You can find this application Travel and Utilities categories. You have heard of Facebook, haven't you? In case you have not, Facebook is website where you share thoughts, videos, pictures, music, messages and just about everything else with a social network you create and maintain. There are many ways to find friends on Facebook. You can locate friends and old school mates by entering in your college and high school information. Facebook is a way to meet new people who are in your area. In addition to keeping in contact with friends and family, there are many ways to share information with them. Where I've Been is an application that can help you have fun and stay in touch with everyone. It shows all of your contacts exactly where you have traveled to.

If you are looking for a popular Facebook application, Where I've Been is good choice. You can use applications like this to find new friends who have traveled to the same places you have been to. You can share your travel excursions with your entire social network. Many applications can help you expand your group of friends. Where I've Been is such an application. In addition to keeping in contact with friends, there are many applications that add value to the experience of Facebook. It's nice that applications on Facebook are free.

If you are looking for applications pertaining to travel or utilities, then check out Where I've Been. If you want to find other programs that are in the same genre as Where I've Been, then search by category is probably a better idea than searching by name. To do this choose either the utility or travel category (whichever one interests you more) and browse the applications that are available. Categories are what Facebook uses to organize applications you can use. Without sorting all of the applications into categories, Facebook would become an unorganized monster. It is amazing to see how many different applications are available in Facebook.

Where I've Been was developed by a company with the same name, Where I've Been. This application is quite popular. 5,885 users have rated it with 3.3 out of 5 stars. With a rating like that, you know that others enjoy it. Where I've Been has 106,599 daily active users who are having fun sharing travel information with their friends. These ratings are based on input unique Facebook users. Where I've Been is found in the Travel and Utilities categories. With Where I've Been, you can show everyone the places you've been to. This application includes a zoom feature of US. Locations, Canada, and the entire world. Compare your travels to with your friends. If you've been around, you'll like Where I've Been. Sharing your adventures with friends using Where I've Been is a lot of fun.

What makes Facebook different from all of the other social websites on the internet? It is applications like Where I've Been that make Facebook different. With social websites, we can connect to our friends and relatives quickly and easily. Even a few years ago, this was not possible like it is now. Prior to the introduction of we mostly communicated through IM, cell phones, and email. Now in a way never before possible, websites such as Facebook let us use applications and other methods to connect to the world so we can share our thoughts, pictures, and other stuff.

Overall, Facebook is a great social website. There are applications for everyone on Facebook and this is what makes it so unique. Why not share Where I've Been by Where I've Been with your group of friends. See if they like it too. Facebook is for sharing and you are at your best when you share with your friends. While you are at it why not browse the Travel or Utilities to find more applications like Where I've Been. All of the applications are free, what have you got to lose?


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