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Are you looking for something different for your Facebook profile? Then Picnik is for you. This is a Facebook application that is found in the Photos category. What is Picnik? It is photo editing software you can use directly in Facebook. This is very convenient as you can use Facebook to link to your contacts list so that you can share your retouched photos with all of your friends and family. Those who are not members of Facebook can join if you ask them to. One of the great things about this website is the ability to easily keep in contact with everyone you know. Facebook is also a way to meet new people who are in your area. You do this by joining groups and socializing. Picnik is an application that will let you have fun as you stay in touch with everyone.

Picnik is an extremely popular Facebook application. Some applications are for organizing your Facebook, Picnik is for your photos. In addition to keeping in contact with friends through sharing photographs, there are other applications that can add pleasure to the experience of Facebook. To find the applications that interest you, just log into Facebook, then click on the applications link, and choose browse. Enter text describing what you are looking for into the search area.

If you are looking for applications that you can use with photos, then check out Picnik. Facebook uses categories to organize the applications for you. Some of the applications are listed in more than one category. Picnik is only listed in one. Searching the categories is just one way to locate applications that suit your needs. It is amazing to see how many different applications that are available in Facebook.

Picnik, an application developed by Bitnik, Inc. is very popular. The number of users who rated the application and the number of daily users who are using this application are displayed in the information box when you ask for more information. This application is rated with 3.3 out of 5 stars, so you know that others enjoy it. Picnik currently has 18,562 daily active users who are sharing and editing photos with it and they swear that this program is great. These ratings are based on data provided by 28 different Facebook users.

You will find Picnik in the Photos category. It is a complete photo editing software package. With Picnik you can edit and enhance your photos without having to leave Facebook. This is very handy. Just load your photo, then you can crop, remove red eye, add special effects and more. Why not give Picnik by Bitnik, Inc. a try and see if your photos look better than ever. Another great feature of Picnik is it interfaces with a couple of the online photo sites. You can store your pictures online and edit them using Facebook. Then share them with the world. This is much easier than lugging around a photo album and you can carry a lot more picture this way.

Applications like Picnik are what make Facebook different form other social websites. Connecting to our friends and relatives is easier than ever before possible thanks to advancements in social websites such as Facebook. Do any of you remember when an online social website was a bulletin board you accessed with a 2400 baud modem? Wow, times have changed. With Facebook on your Smartphone, you will never be out of touch. Facebook has made it so that you are in contact with friends and family. There are so many applications like the one mentioned above it is hard to choose. Why not share Picnik by Bitnik, Inc. with your group of friends. See if they like it too. Sharing is what Facebook does best, and when you share photos with your friends and family you are sharing fun. While you are at it why not browse the Photos category to find more applications like Picnik. Since all of the applications are free, what have you got to lose?


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