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Facebook Application - Likeness

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Likeness is a Facebook application that is found in the Dating and Just for fun categories. What is Facebook? Facebook is a social website where you post your profile and search for friends. There are many ways to find friends on Facebook. Use your contact list on your computer and Smartphone to send an email to everyone and ask them to join Facebook and be your friend. Smartphones, like the iPhone, have Facebook applications so you can always be in contact with your friends. Likeness is an application that can help you have some fun while staying in touch with everyone.

Likeness is a popular Facebook application that lets you see how much you are like any one of your contacts. Many applications can help you expand your group of friends, Likeness lets you find out who most looks and acts like you. How unique are you? Is there anyone else like you or are there thousands? Some applications are for having fun with your Facebook site. Likeness is one of those applications. You can use applications such as Likeness to find new friends and have fun with current ones. Just for kicks you can see which of your favorite celebrities you resemble the most.

If you are looking for applications pertaining to the Dating and Just for fun categories, then check out Likeness. Using categories to find interesting applications such as Likeness, can help you find other applications that you might be looking for in an efficient manner. Categories are one of the ways which Facebook uses to organize the applications for you to use. Many people use categories to find applications that will customize their Facebook experience into something wonderful and exciting. If Facebook did not sort all of its applications into categories, you would never be able to find anything. The end result would be that Facebook would become an unorganized monster.

Likeness was developed by Rock You. This application is rather popular with the Facebook community. Rated with 2.5 stars out of 5 stars, you know that others enjoy it. Likeness has 30,1674 daily active users who think this program is great. I wonder if you are like any of them? These ratings are based on input from 143 Facebook users who have similar interests to yours. Facebook applications are ranked by users like you. Likeness is located in the Dating and in the Just for fun categories. Find out who you are like and who is like you. Are you more like a movie star or celebrity or perhaps you are more like the local librarian. How much alike are you and your friends. Can this help you find the perfect match? Why not give Likeness by Rock You a try to see if you like it. You and your friends can have a blast with this application.

Applications such as Likeness are what make Facebook so unique and different. Other social websites offer create ways to add content but non are as portable to a Smartphone as Facebook. We can connect to our friends and relatives in like never before possible. This is all due to the arrival of social websites such as Facebook and others like it.

The ability to stay in touch has never been greater thanks to Facebook and all of its varied applications that let us contact our friends and family with just a few clicks of a mouse. With the development of all types of applications, such as Likeness, each persons Facebook experience is unique.. Why not share Likeness by Rock You with your group of friends. Who are they like? Who do they think you are like? Facebook is at its best when you use it and share information with your friends. While you are at it why not browse the Dating or Just for Fun categories to get more applications like Likeness. After all, the applications are free. There is nothing to lose and friends to gain.


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